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January 25, 2013 Update
- I first want to apologize for my delay in getting this site updated. As some of you might be aware, in November I purchased, and I have spent a great deal of time getting that site up to speed and regularly updated. There are some other plans for both sites, which I hope to share with everyone in the next 30 days.
- The City of Christiansburg in Montgomery County has purchased a Pierce Impel 75' rear-mount aerial, which was a demo model.
- The Chuckatuck VFD, located in the City of Suffolk, has taken delivery of a stately Pierce Arrow XT wagon. There's a lot of influence from the Prince George's County, MD area on this rig with it's body design and wheelbase, yet it still has a lot of features to make it compatible with the suburban/rural area it protects.
- On Virginia's Eastern Shore, two more Pierce's have been delivered. The Parksley VFD in Accomack has taken delivery of a top-mount, long-cab pumper which is an incredible 38' long. It will run as a standard engine company. Also in Accomack, Greenbackville has taken delivery of their Pierce Saber 75' aluminum rear-mount ladder. This was a demo rig that was repainted into an attractive grey-over-red paint scheme.
- Powhatan County has entered into a contract with CW Williams & Rosenbauer for the construction of a new Rosenbauer Commander 611 pumper, which will be assigned to the Huguenot VFD. It will carry 750 gallons of water, 40 gallons of Class A/B foam, feature a Waterous CAFS system, and have a Waterous 1500gpm pump. This will replace a 1990 HME/Grumman which will enter reserve status.
- Amelia County Company 1 has recently taken delivery of a 2012 Spartan MetroStar/Rescue-1 for assignment to Rescue 1. This is first black-over-red rig in the county, and will replace a 1995 International 4700/Hackney. The Hackney will be reassigned to Company 3 (Jetersville) as an air/hazmat unit.
- The Centerville VFD in Goochland County (not to be confused with Centreville VFD in Fairfax) has placed an order with Goodman Specialized Vehicles for a Spartan Gladiator XLFD/Rescue-1 walk-in heavy rescue that will replace the Spartan/Saulsbury that's currently running as Squad 37. The Saulsbury is currently for sale.
- The City of Norfolk has recently accepted proposals from bidders for aerial devices for the City. These are still under evaluation.
- The County of Spotsylvania is currently evaluating proposals for two new county-purchased pumpers.
- The City of Harrisonburg accepted proposals for a new rear-mount aerial a couple of months ago, but at this time, a contract for the vehicle has still not been awarded.
- Chesterfield County is currently updating their engine company specifications for for a possible long-term contract.
- The County of Dinwiddie is working to complete specifications for three top-mount pumpers for distribution to various departments throughout the county.
- The Roanoke County ladder that was damaged in the power line incident in late 2012 is currently back at the Pierce manufacturing facility for repairs.
- The CustomFire pumpers for the City of Alexandria are well under way and several of them are close to completion. We hope to see at least one of them at the Virginia Fire Chief's Expo this year.
- Speaking of that, don't forget the 2013 Virginia Fire Chief's Association Mid-Winter Conference and Expo in Virginia Beach at the VB Conference Center, February 21-24. Hope to see you there!

October 7, 2012 Update
- The Brookneal VFD in Campbell County have placed their new International/KME 3000 gallon elliptical tanker in service.
- Another KME, this one built on an all-wheel-drive International chassis, will be serving the Madison VFD in Madison County as Pumper 9.
- Last month, the ladder and brand new pumper at Roanoke County Company 3 suffered severe damage when the aerial from the ladder truck struck a live power line. Both of these rigs have been sent back to the Pierce factory in Appleton, WI to see if they're salvageable.
- The Lovettsville VFD in Loudoun County has recently taken delivery of their new Ferrara rescue-pumper, designated Wagon 612. It should be entering service shortly. Their 1999 Pierce wagon is now for sale through Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus.

September 27, 2012 Update
- Thanks to our friends at for this story about charges being filed against the owner of the now-defunct Elite Power Products in Wisconsin.
- Virginia Beach will soon being taking delivery of a Pierce Arrow XT TeleSqurt for Engine 19. The aerial device was remounted from an older engine.
- Ivor Volunteers will soon take delivery of a new FL/Pierce medium-duty rescue.

September 23, 2012 Update
- Chesterfield has placed their new Quantum pumpers in service at Engines 7, 14, and 16. Engine 7's rig will move to FS15 and will run as a foam support rig to supplement the P19 ARFF rig currently housed there. E7 will become a training piece, replacing the Seagrave at the Enon training center, and E16 will become a reserve and remain at FS16. Look for "Big Nasty," the venerable Mack/Aerialscope and the Seagrave pumper to both be sold in the near future.
- We understand that Bowling Green VFD's Pierce tower ladder will be put up for sale in the near future. This will leave Caroline with one aerial device, located at Company 2 (Ladysmith VFD).
- Powhatan will be re-bidding the pumper for the Huguenot VFD in the very near future.
- Henrico currently has it's first-ever Quantum for sale on GovDeals. This 1996 model set the stage for the county to eventually use this model chassis for all pumpers and heavy rescues.
- The Lake Jackson VFD in Prince William County has placed an order with CW Williams for a county-spec pumper on a Rosenbauer Commander chassis.
- Tower 10 from the Potomac Hills VFD in Stafford County is currently out-of-service for some mechanical repairs and re-lettering as well. It will continue to sport it's black-over-red paint scheme.

August 21, 2012
- The Millsboro, DE fire company has donated a 1981 Ford C/E-One Squrt to the Bloxom Fire Department in Accomack County. As you may recall, Bloxom's engine suffered major damage in the accident in which Firefighter David Chew died in the line of duty last month.
- The City of Manassas has published a unusually short bid for both a pumper and a rear-mount tower ladder. Bids are due back on September 13th.
- Our staff has learned that Dan Peters, who served at as Pierce Manufacturing's Vice President, is no longer with the company. This comes on the heels of the announcement of the closure of the MedTec ambulance manufacturing facility in Bradenton, FL.

August 18, 2012
Well, it certainly has been some time since a new update was posted. I've been quite busy with some outside activities, but that doesn't mean that the apparatus side of Virginia's fire service has slowed at all!
- The new KME wagons for Dale City have been lettered and are being prepped to enter service. They should be entering service in 30-45 days. Of note is that these are the first two engines in the county to be built under the new PWC countywide specifications.
- Henrico County will be doing final inspection of the new Pierce Velocity tower ladder for Truck 12 in mid-August.
- Boykins (Southampton County) has signed a contract with CW Williams for a new Rosenbauer rescue-pumper. This will be the first Rosenbauer Commander ordered in the Commonwealth, and it will have a 1500gpm pump, 1000 gallon tank, and a 221" wheelbase.
- The Plains VFD in Fauquier County has a Smeal pumper that was involved in a crash while responding to an incident. Fortunately, none of the members were hurt, but the rig will be out of service for several months while being rebuilt. Therefore, they've purchased a 1989 Pierce Lance from Ruckersville VFD in Greene County, which will run as E-1104 while the Smeal is repaired.
- Atlantic Emergency Solutions has purchased Triad Fire, which means that AES now represents Pierce Manufacturing in North Carolina, as well as Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, DC, and northern West Virginia.
- AES has been representing MedTec ambulances for some time, but in early August, MedTec made a sudden and unexpected annoucement that they'd stop building ambulances by January 2012. AES has not announced a replacement ambulance line at this time.
- In other unexpected news, KME released Slagle's as their North Carolina and South Carolina dealer in early August. Slagle's DOES continue to represent KME in Virginia, however. Slagle's is a name that's synonymous with the Virginia fire service, and we wish them luck during this time.
- The James City-Bruton VFD (James City County Company 1) has placed their "new" Hummer brush truck in service. This was donated to them by a local citizen, and converted to a brush rig by the volunteers.

May 23, 2012
- After visits to FDIC in April and the Lancaster County Fireman's Expo in Pennsylvania this month, it appears that some of the slack in apparatus purchasing, or budgets restricting purchasing to only "bare bones" rigs, that tide is slowly starting to turn around. Many very nice and optioned out rigs were on display at these two shows.
- Chesterfield County is in Appleton this week, doing final inspection on three new Pierce Quantum pumpers for Engines 7, 14, and 16; along with the new SCUBA Rescue 14. The pumpers have slightly different compartmentation with the hard sleeves now stored in enclosed compartments, and they're also sporting painted yellow front bumpers.
- The Sharon VFD in Allegheny County will soon be taking delivery of their new Rosenbauer medium rescue on a Freightliner chassis.
- The Parksley VFD in Accomack County has placed an order for a new Pierce Velocity top-mount pumper. This will feature a very large 10-man.
- The City of Roanoke has recently completed inspection of a new Velocity pumper for Engine 8, and also taken delivery of a Quantum tiller for Ladder 1.
- Pierce PUCs have been delivered to the Amelia County VFD for assignment at Engine 3 in Jetersville (Saber chassis), and also the Ruckersville VFD in Greene County (Velocity chassis with a mega-PUC body).
- The "new" tiller (which formerly served Frederick County, MD) for Glasgow has entered service, and they'll soon have their new Pierce rescue/pumper in service as well. Interestingly, Glasgow is one of the few places anywhere that is still using free-hand hand-painted lettering on all of their rigs.
- The Woodstock VFD in Shenendoah County is preparing for the specification and purchase of a new engine to replace their 1990 Seagrave wagon.
- The KME pumpers for Dale City are well under way. We're also hearing from our friends in Prince William that Lake Jackson is working with Rosenbauer on a new pumper, and Buckhall and Stonewall Jackson are working with Pierce for some new pumpers as well. We've also heard the Dumfries-Triangle is looking for some new pumpers too. All of these, of course, will meet the county Fire-Rescue Association's accepted specifications for engines.
- We've seen some spy photos of the new Spartan/Crimson pumpers for Hanover County as well, and they're now lettered. We'll provide pictures as soon as they're available.

April 17, 2012
- As the staff prepares to fly to Indianapolis tomorrow for FDIC, a lot of spy shots are already hitting the press.
- One of the most unusual things we're seeing is this dual-steer-axle HME 104' rear mount tower ladder, dubbed the Scorpion. Reportedly, it offers far better weight distribution, and has an extremely tight turning radius as well, something that non-tiller aerials have has issues with for decades.
- We'd heard rumors for several months now, but the new alliance between ALF and Smeal for a new cab/chassis has now been seen. In what appears to be nothing more than ALS Eagle with a Sirius-style nose on it, we wonder if Spartan will now restrict their sales to Smeal like they're doing with Rosenbauer? Time will tell.
- CustomFire & RedStorm will be displaying the top-of-the-line Rescue Pumper for the Morningside VFD in Prince George's County, MD.
- Pierce has released a video of the slew of rigs headed to FDIC from Appleton, and it appears that an aerial on the Dash CF chassis will be one of their talking points. Also seen was a Dash CF without the grill and a Roto-Ray mounted in the middle of the clean front face - clearly marketing this towards their East Coast customers.
- Watch next week for lots of photos and information from our FDIC excursion!

April 12, 2012
- Some incorrect information was previously posted - the three new engines for Chesterfield Fire & EMS have NOT been delivered at this time.
- Newport News has completed the final inspection on their new Pierce aluminum rear-mount ladder, destined for Tower 1.
- The Dale City VFD has placed on order for two new KME pumpers, one of which will be assigned to E518, with the assignment for the second one undetermined at this time.
- Roanoke County's wildland interface engine, being constructed by CustomFire, is well underway, with the body now installed on the International cab & chassis.
- The Stanardsville VFD in Greene County has taken delivery of their new Smeal rescue-engine, and it follows a nationwide trend of a black-over-red paint scheme. This is their first rig in this scheme.
- The City of Roanoke will shortly be taking delivery of a new Pierce Quantum tillered aerial for Ladder 1.
- Don't forget that FDIC will be next week in Indianapolis, and we'll have staff on site for three days to capture as many images as possible.

March 26, 2012 Update
- The Danville Fire Department has placed a brush truck in service, using a new Slagle's body mounted to a Ford 4-door chassis that was previously used in another capacity within the fire department.
- Emporia VFD has taken delivery of their new Freightliner/KME tanker, replacing the one that was destroyed in a rollover accident last year.
- The Fork Mountain VFD in Franklin County has taken delivery if a large International 7600/KME 2500 gallon tanker.
- Newport News FD recently acquired three new Pierce pumpers.
- The last remaining Squrt in the Henrico fleet, a 1991 Pierce Arrow, has been removed from service and sold.

March 22, 2012 Update
- Thanks to our friend Mike Seabright with FESCO for the following update:
- The Culpeper Volunteers have signed a contract for a new Crimson mid-mount tower ladder (non-quint) on a Spartan Gladiator chassis with 550 ponies pushing it down the road. The CCVFD has made station improvements to allow the size and weight of the ladder not to impact their daily operations.
- The Galax VFD in Southwest Virginia has ordered a Crimson attack pumper built on a Ford F550 chassis, which features a 1250GPM pump, 300 gallons of water, and 30 gallons of foam mated to a one-touch CAFS system.
- The two new Crimson pumpers for Hanover Fire-EMS are expected in late April.
- In other news, the former Dale City pumper that was being operated by the Little Fork Volunteers in Culpeper County was recently sold to the Salem VFD, also located in Culpeper County.
- Little Fork's ex-OWL E-One Hurricane pumper, complete with three Roto-Rays, has entered service.

March 8, 2012 Update
- Slagle's, representing KME and their own in-house line of brush trucks has recently received three new orders:
- The Brookneal VFD in Campbell County will receive a KME 3000-gallon elliptical tanker on an International 7600 chassis with a 1000gpm side-mount pump.
- The Read Mountain VFD, serving both Roanoke and Botetourt Counties, will be receiving a Slagle's MidShip Brushmaster flat bed body that will be mounted to a Ford F350 cab & chassis.
- The Wilsons VFD in Augusta County will be received a new Slagle's Skid Unit for their existing brush truck. The skid will feature a 150 gallon tank mated to a 11HP motor.
- Henrico County has completed final inspection on their new Pierce Quantum pumpers for Engines 12 & 15. Also, the Pierce Arrow that was formerly assigned to T10 has been sold to a scrap metal dealer, and E17's Spartan/Ferrara is now serving a VFD in Georgia.
- Chesterfield County has recently taken delivery of three Quantum pumpers for E2, E9, and E24. The fate of the rigs that they're replacing is not known at this time. Also in Chesterfield, the only Dash in the fleet has moved once again, and is now serving as Reserve E-210 at the Wagstaff Circle VFD. Finally, the "Bon Air VFD" lettering has been removed from E-204, and it will be now be designated as a reserve piece.
- The new rescues, engine, and quints for Richmond should be entering service in the next few weeks. Look for photos as soon as their in service at their respective companies.
- The yellow E-One pumper at the Ladysmith VFD in Caroline County has been re-lettered to Caroline County Fire-Rescue, and is now a county reserve.
- Hale, one of the two primary suppliers of pumps for the US fire service, has announced that they'll be shutting down their long-running plant in Conshohoken, PA. They'll be building their pumps at the Class 1/IDEX/Hale facility in Ocala, FL starting in 2012.

February 24, 2012 Update
- Rosenbauer publicly introduced their new Commander cab this week, which will be a custom cab built by Rosenbauer at their Minnesota facility. Initially, this will be available as a 60" and 70" cab length, with other cab options to come. Several have already been sold to municipal customers, and an order of over 300 has come from Saudi Arabia as well.
- With Rosenbauer's introduction of their own cab and chassis, Spartan (after being taken to court) has extended their offering of Spartan cabs to Rosenbauer until December of 2012. This is far longer than originally agreed upon.

January 27, 2012 Update
- The Grottoes VFD in Augusta County has contracted with Slagle's Fire Equipment and KME for a new pumper. Department members are currently at the plant for an engineering conference.
- The Darlington Heights VFD in Prince Edward County has purchased a demo 1250GPM pumper on four-door International chassis. This 1000 gallon rig will be well-suited for their district. It's currently unknown which rig they'll be replacing.
- Don't forget that it's only a month until the Virginia Fire Chief's Association annual expo in Virginia Beach. Visit for registration information.

January 11, 2012 Update
- Alexandria has again awarded the contract for their pumpers to CustomFire, while the contract for the tiller and mid-mount aerial was secured by Crimson.
- Stafford County has contracted with Marque for the construction of seven ambulances.
- Chesterfield County has taken delivery of three new International/PL Custom ambulances, slated for Medics 1, 4, and 24. This leaves only Medic 12 on a volunteer-owned unit.
- The South Warren VFD in Warren County has purchased a large custom-cab tanker from the Mt Airy VFD in Carroll County, MD. With the delivery of this tanker, a number of apparatus movements have occurred between their main station and substation, and they're selling their old tanker and International/4-Guys pumper.
- The tanker that Big Island VFD in Bedford had for sale is now operated by the Poplar Hill VFD in Giles County. Also, the small tanker that Arvonina VFD in Buckingham County recently replaced with a new Pierce has been sold to the Coeburn VFD in Wise County.
- Spotsylvania's old E-One Cyclone heavy rescue that was previously assigned to Squad 4 is now running in Wonewoc, WI.
- A bid award announcement for the heavy rescue for the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad is expected in the next few weeks.
- The new Pierce Arrow XT tanker/pumper for the Goldvein Volunteers in Fauquier County has been completed and will be in their station soon.
- Warrenton VFC, also in Fauquier County, has placed a Ford F550/General Safety structual/wildland interface unit in service as Attack 1.

January 3, 2012 Update
- The first batch of Richmond's quints and the Engine (for E-11) have been delivered to AES, and are having equipment mounted now.
- Colonial Height's massive new Squad 2 is now in quarters and is expected to enter service next month.
- After the pumper award in Alexandria was contested by two vendors, the entire bid process has been put on hold for the time being.
- Powhatan County is currently advertising for a new rescue-pumper for the Huguenot Volunteers.
- The New Baltimore VFC in Fauquier County currently has their FMC pumper for sale on Craigslist. They're expecting a new Quantum pumper later this month.

November 11, 2011 Update (FINALLY!)
- The rumors have been swirling vividly for weeks, but as of this afternoon, the word is official - the City of Alexandria has awarded the contract for at least four pumpers to CustomFire of Osceloa, WI, who's locally represented by RedStorm of Gainesville, VA.
- Effective early November, CustomFire will also be available to customers nationwide on the Houtson-Galveston Area Council (HGAC) purchasing consortium. This is a fixed-price (including options) means for departments to purchase rigs without going out to bid. Google "HGAC" for additional information.
- The wagon that was previously for sale by Big Island has been sold to Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus.
- Barboursville, VA is now operating the Seagrave tiller that was once assigned to Truck 1 in the City of Charlottesville. Although it's lettered for Barboursville, it's still owned and maintained by CFD and can be pressed into service in the City as needed.
- The first Pierce Dash CF ordered by a Virginia department will a massive 3000 gallon pumper-tanker that will enter service in Middletown. Middletown's single-axle Ford/Pierce tanker has been sold to the Bolar VFD in Highland County.
- Henrico has taken delivery of their new Quantum pumpers for E2 and E9, and the next two should be ready in late February. They'll also be completing engineering for a new tower ladder for T12 as well.
- The Huguenot VFD in Powhatan moved into their new 15,600SF station on November 5th.

October 1, 2011 Update:
- The Capital Region Airport Commission (aka Richmond International Airport) is advertising for a new ARFF rig with 3000 gallons of water, 420 gallons of AFFF, and 500 pounds of dry chemical. It will be assinged to Rescue 2. Bids are due back October 18, 2011.

September 29, 2011 Update:
- The Seminole Trail VFD, Albemarle Company 8, will be receiving their new Pierce PUC pumper in the very near future.
- AES has annouced some northern Virginia orders, including two 100' rear mount aerials and two pumpers, both based on the Arrow XT chassis, for Arlington County. This is an extension of their mutli-year contract. Also ordered is a Arrow XT pumper with a NY-style hosebed for MWAA - Reagan.
- The Amelia Monitor newspaper reports that AES has been awarded a $421,000 contract for a rescue/pumper for the Jetersville VFD.

September 21, 2011 Update:
- Congratulations are extended to the Emporia VFD of Greensville County for taking delivery of a new KME Predator 1750gpm pumper. This is the first of two KME's that the department has on order - a commerical cab tanker will be delivered at a later date. Photos of the rig will be posted shortly.
- The County of Albemarle has released specifications for a new 2-door custom cab non-walk-in heavy rescue for the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad (CARS). CARS is one of the premier technical rescue agencies in the Commonwealth, and runs a fleet of well-thought-out tech rescue rigs. We're sure that this one won't disappoint either.

September 13, 2011 Update:
- Chesterfield Fire & EMS, Chickahominy VFD (Hanover Company 2), and Huguenot VFD (Powhatan Company 2) all unveiled their World Trade Center steel beams this weekend, in commemoration of the FDNY firefighters murdered on September 11, 2001. Rest in peace, brothers.
- Dinwiddie County is currently accepting bids for a new brush truck for assignment to Dinwiddie VFD (Company 1).
- Look for some apparatus re-assigments in Stafford County soon.
- The City of Suffolk has taken delivery of a tower ladder and three pumpers from Pierce. Delivery of a rescue is expected soon.
- Chesterfield County has taken delivery of Rescue 17. It will not be in service for some time while equipment is laid out and mounted.
- Henrico County will be taking delivery of two Quantum pumpers in late October, and has an additional two Quantum pumpers on order at this time.
- Tazewell County has received bids for a pumper/tanker. The results are unknown at this time, and is the second unusual set of specifications and bids that the county has solicited this year.
- The City of Alexandria has received bids on their IFB, however, the bids have not yet been awarded for any of the types of vehicles specified.
- The Big Island VFD in Bedford County has a nice, well-maintained, low-mileage pumper-tanker for sale. It's a 1991 International/Ferrara 1000/1500 top-mount, 2-door cab. They're asking $59,000 for this rig with only 20,000 miles. Please contact VFP staff if you'd like additional information on this vehicle.

August 21, 2011 Update:
- Roanoke County has awarded the upfit of their Hackney technical rescue trailer to Blue Ridge Rescue Suppliers in Bedford County.

August 17, 2011 Update:
- The Bolar VFD in Highland County has a 1972 Hahn pumper for sale. Although the price isn't listed at this time, it appears to be retired and being kept outside in a pole shed.
- The 1999 E-One Cyclone II heavy rescue that was formerly operated by the Dale City volunteers now calls North Towanda, PA home.
- The Harman VFD in Maxie, VA has purchased a somewhat rare used Pierce Dash D8000 2-door pumper/tanker through FireTec. It formerly served in Canadaigua, NY.
- In industry news, Rosenbauer America is now offering a lifetime warranty on their extruded aluminum bodies, one of the very few lifetime warranties available from any manufacturer.

August 11, 2011 Update:
- Congratulations are extended to the Onancock VFD in Accomack County for the purchase of a new Pierce 100' aluminum tower ladder.
- The City of Roanoke has also contracted with Pierce, this time for a Quantum tiller.

August 8, 2011 Update:
- The Fortsmouth VFD in Warren County has placed an order with Midwest Fire for a new tanker. It will be built on a 2012 Freightliner M2 chassis with a 1000gpm Darley PTO pump and a 2000-gallon T-style tank. Delivery is expected in late December.
- The Newport News/Williamsburg Int'l Airport has placed an order for a new Oshkosh Striker 1500 ARFF rig.
- The Little Fork VFD in Culpeper County currently has their E-One Hurricane pumper for sale, which previously served the Dale City VFD. It's ready to go, and still in service at this time. For additional information, please contact Chief Doug Monaco at 540-229-0449.

July 31, 2011 Update
Our thanks to Adam Ebersole of the Lampeter (PA) Fire Company for supplying us with a "spy shot" of new Chesterfield 12-Truck, which was seen being prepared for delivery at the Pierce factory. Also spied under construction was new Rescue 17, which appears to be at the 75% completion mark.

July 25, 2011 Update:
- The City of Alexandria today released an 86-page document that serves as an invitation to bid (ITB) for engines, mid-mount aerials, and tractor-drawn aerials. This doesn't come as a surprise, as an article in the Alexandria Times on April 7 of this year outlined the dire need for new apparatus for the City. Amongst other things, the transition to black-over-red apparatus continues, following the delivery of their first ambulances painted with the same livery earlier this year.

July 19, 2011 Update:
- Congratulations are extended to the Stanardsville VFD in Greene County for signing a contract with Keplinger Fire for the purchase of a new Smeal rescue pumper.
- Roanoke County is soliciting bids for the conversion of a Hackney-style trailer for use as a technical rescue vehicle.

July 18, 2011 Update:
- The New Baltimore VFC, Fauquier County Company 10, has placed an order with AES for a 2012 Pierce Quantum 2000/1000 wagon, which is due in February 2012.
- In related news, the new NBVFC station on Riley Road continues, and it appears they're at about the 40% completion mark.
- Smeal Fire Apparatus released an announcement today that Goodman Specialized Vehicles of Amelia will now represent Smeal in the east part of Virginia, while Keplinger Fire will continue to represent the western portion of Virginia. Goodman will now represent PL Custom, Rescue 1, and Smeal.

July 17, 2011 Update:
- In Warren County, the South Warren volunteers will be placing a new 2011 Ford F350 brush truck in service very soon. Staff members had a chance to shoot this today, unfortunately, the warning light package had not yet been installed.
- South Warren is also putting together a set of specifications for a new pumper tanker. This is going to be a custom cab rig, with a 1250 pump and 1500 gallons of water. Several apparatus moves will occur between their new station and sub-station once this is delivered (likely in 2012).
- Amissville's (Rappahannock County Co 3) new KME Rescue-Engine is almost ready to enter service, and is proudly being displayed in front of the station for the public to see.

July 16, 2011 Update:
- The Truck Source, who represents Seagrave in Virginia, has been awarded a contract to upfit six Ford utility-style trucks as bomb team support vehicles. These will be assigned to Arlington, Loudoun, Prince William, Virginia State Police, DCFD, Montgomery Co, MD, and the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office.
- The Rockhill VFD, Stafford County Company 8, has purchased a used 2000 Freightliner/Hackney rescue through Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus. It's well equipped with a Onan 40kW generator, Will-Burt light tower, a Scott air compressor, and 4-bottle air cascade system.
- The 1987 Pierce Arrow that was originally owned by the Seminole Trail VFD, and was later used as training piece for Albemarle County, has been sold to the Centre, AL fire department.

July 13, 2011 Update:
- Roanoke County has awarded a municipal contract to Red Storm, representing CustomFire, for a midi-pumper for the Catawba fire station.
- The Barboursville VFD, Company 25 in Orange County, is now operating the Seagrave tiller that was previously operated by nearby Charlottesville Fire Department.
- The new 4-Guys tanker for Singer's Glen VFD has arrived. This is the third of three tankers awarded to Rockingham County VFD's last year through AFG grants.

July 6th, 2011 Update:
- Many of you are probably familiar with the Pink Heals tour, in which retired fire apparatus painted pink in memory of breast cancer tour the country. The Chespeake Fire Department is now sporting it's own Pink Heals rig, an in-service ALF that is now sporting the new livery. Tidewater's WAVY TV covers the story for you here.

July 3rd, 2011 Update:
- VFP's previous update contained some erroneous information regarding a purchase by the Ruckersville VFD. We apologize for this entry, and attempt to maintain 100% accuracy with our reporting.
- We're hearing that the Melfa VFD on the Eastern Shore has purchased a 1989 E-One pumper from Williamsburg, which will replace their 1993 International/4-Guys.
- Several staffers have heard in the past few days that the 2000 E-One pumper that OWL has had for sale for some time has been picked up by the Little Fork VFD, which has (and has had) a number of ex Prince William County rigs behind it's doors since it's inception.

June 30, 2011 Update:
- Congratulations to RedStorm Fire & Rescue for their first Virginia sale, an International/CustomFire 4x4 1000/500 rescue pumper for the Stuart's Draft VFD in Augusta County.
- Chesterfield is currently making some changes in their specialty teams and apparatus placement, which includes disbanding Rescue 14, and re-establishing Rescue 3 with R14's Pierce Quantum rescue. As stated previously, the Quantum rescue they have on order will be assigned to FS17 (Centralia), which is located between FS3 and FS14.
- The Sterling VFD, in Loudoun County, currently has their nice 2004 Pierce pumper/tanker for sale at Asking price is $200,000 OBO.
- In other Sterling news, the green-and-white Duplex/Saulsbury that was formerly operated by the Sterling VRS is now in service in Pooler, GA. Sale was completed by Quincy Jones with Company Two Fire Apparatus.
- With the delivery of their massive new KME rescue-pumper, the Amissville VFD in Rappahannock County placed their Freightliner/Pierce rescue pumper for sale, and it was quickly purchased by the Cartersville VFD in Cumberland County.
- Specifications for a new rescue-pumper for the Huguenot VFD in Powhatan County have been approved, and will should be on the street in the next two weeks.
- The Centerville VFD in Goochland County (not to be confused with the Centreville VFD in Fairfax County) is in the early stages of developing specifications for a new heavy rescue to replace their Spartan/Saulsbury.

June 7, 2011 Update:
- Chesterfield Fire & EMS has signed a contract with AES for the delivery of an International/Pierce dive rescue vehicle for SCUBA Rescue at Station 14.
- The Bridgewater VFC in Rockingham County is in the final stages of preparation for a building expansion. The new station will have six bays, a second floor, and expanded living areas.
- Bridgewater has also recently placed their new Mack Granite/Pierce Contender tanker in service.
- New photos have been added to the Augusta County (Division 2) and Rockingham County (Division 3) albums, along with the new heavy rescue for Holly Grove (Louisa County - Division 1).
- A reminder of the annual "Nations Noisiest Fire & Rescue Parade" in Colonial Beach this Friday night!

May 15, 2011 UPDATE:
- One of the most talked about things at FDIC a couple of months ago was the fact that American LaFrance would start allowing OEMs to use their ALF chassis, LTI aerials, and TeleSQURT lines on their own chassis. Today, RedStorm announced that they're recognized as a dealer for ALF chassis, LTI aerials, and the Squrt elevated master stream devices. With RedStorm's partnership with CustomFire of Osceloa, WI, this will now give RedStorm a distinct advantage in the Virginia apparatus market.
- The PostCrescent, an Appleton, WI newspaper, is reporting that 56 full-time employees and 51 contract employees of Pierce Manufacturing have been laid off, citing the economy's impact on municipal purchasing of fire & rescue apparatus.
- In our last update, we mentioned Fork Union's approval for a new pumper. In related news, they expect to begin construction of their new station within the next few months.
- Lovettsville VFD, Loudoun County Company 12, have recently sold two apparatus: their Pierce Dash pumper/tanker to the Buckhorn VFD in Mecklenburg County was sold through Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus; and their medium-duty rescue to the Carolina Twp VFD in Stokes, NC (thanks to Jim Dunn for the heads up on the Stokes information). The LVFD is reportedly in the process of completing specs for a new pumper to replace their 1999 Pierce wagon.
- The new Pierces for Mineral and Charlottesville have been delivered to their respective departments.
- For those in the greater Richmond area (and Southside VA), Goodman Specialized Vehicles (Rescue 1 / PL Custom dealer) is hosting an open house with several demos, manufacturer reps, and door prizes. Join them Wednesday, May 25th, from 1pm-8pm on Route 360 near the Amelia Courthouse area.
- Chesterfield Fire & EMS held the bid opening for new Scuba Rescue 14 on May 4th, with only two bidders submitting bids - Atlantic Emergency Solutions & RedStorm Fire Apparatus. An award of contract has not yet been made.
- Hanover County has awarded a term contract to FESCO (representing Crimson Fire Apparatus) for pumpers. This extends the business relationship that Hanover shares with FESCO, as they've been purchasing Horton ambulances through this dealer for several years.
- The Washington Examiner recently released an article covering the lack of available reserve apparatus for the Alexandria Fire Department, and their need for new apparatus.
- Rosenbauer has hired Richard Schalter from Spartan Motors to head a new division called Rosenbauer Motors, which is in the process of developing their own custom cab. Perhaps we'll see this debut at FRI in Atlanta? Standby....

April 23, 2011 Update - FINALLY!
- Good day! It's been about a month since an update, and I apologize for that. Too many irons in the fire.
- It was confirmed today that Culpeper Co 1 is looking for a new aerial to replace their Mack CF/Aerialscope that originally served the FDNY. However, there are space concerns, and concerns with the firehouse floor being able to support the weight of a new, heavier aerial. We'll keep you posted on this.
- Also at Culpeper, the Spartan/KME that was originally delivered last year as "Squad 1" has been renamed "Rescue Engine 1" based on issues with the CAD system. It has been re-lettered accordingly.
- The building addition at Sperryville (Rappahannock County Company 2) is moving right along. The Mack CF/Aerialscope tower that they purchased from Blackstone has not yet been relettered or entered service yet, the members are still training on the piece.
- The building addition at Standardsville VFD (Greene County) has been completed, giving them double the bay space.
- The Big Island VFD's 1991 International/Ferrara tanker was sold this week to Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus. They're in the beginning stages of specifications for a new Wildland Interface Engine, which will be handy in their response district.
- The Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors has approved the Fork Union VFD to purchase a new engine. Specifications are still being developed at this time.
- The rumor mill says that the new heavy rescue for Chesterfield will be assigned to Fire Station 17 (Centralia) and will NOT replace the Rescue that formerly ran from Station 3 at Bensley.
- Richmond City has tagged-on to Pierce's Suffolk County contract for several new vehicles. They'll be receiving two 105' quints, two 75' quints, two rescues, and one engine. At this time, all rigs are slated to be on Arrow XT chassis. RFD members will head to Appleton next week for engineering.
- Back to Chesterfield: the original bids (submitted in early February) for the new Dive-Rescue truck for Station 14 were rejected, and this rig has been sent back for bid. Bids are due in about three weeks.
- The new Pierce Velocity engine for Louisa VFD (Co 1) has been delivered, but not yet entered service. Mineral VFD's (Louisa Co 2) Pierce Velocity PUC and the City of Charlottesville's new Velocity mid-mount tower will be delivered in two weeks.
- and finally, if you weren't able to attend FDIC in Indy this year, don't worry - I've placed about 200 photos from the event here on the website. Scroll down to the bottom, and look in the "OTHER" folder.

March 20, 2011 Update
- Mike Sanders made a visit to Reynolds Store VFD, Frederick County Company 20, yesterday, where he got some photos of the 1978 Ford Bronco that they've recently placed in service as a back-up brush truck. He also found out that they'll be taking delivery of a new 3000 gallon tanker built by Southern, which they hope will be delivered in time for the Apple Blossom Festival.
- Some preview photos of a new Rosenbauer chassis are being circulated. It's a cab over chassis that looks similar to a modern UD or Iveco-style delivery truck chassis. It will be unveiled at FDIC this week.
- Speaking of FDIC, VFP staff will be there with camera(s) in hand, so look for some updates and photos from this premier event!

March 15, 2011 Update
- After last week's announcement that Classic Fire, a close partner of E-One (actually building a number of E-One's bodies for them) has been purchased by Spartan motors, Bronto today announced that they've switched from E-One being their OEM supplier to Pierce. While the Bronto isn't the most popular aerial in the US, there are quite a few of them in service, and they do have quite a specialty market. Keen minds will remember that Bronto partnered with Pierce for six rigs in the 1990's, including the nation's tallest aerial (174' model originally delivered to South Padre Island, TX, and now in service in Jay, VT). This is surely a blow to E-One, although they are heavily marketing their 137' rear mount stick now.

March 11, 2011 Update:
- The members of the Smithfield VFD have recently completed the inspection of their massive new Seagrave heavy rescue. A few minor corrections on the punch list before it goes on display at FDIC in two weeks.
- Spartan Motors has announced the purchase of Classic Fire in Florida, which is an unexpected business move. Spartan purchased Luverne and Quality several years ago and started producing sole-source rigs under the Crimson line, so this will potentially give them some more market share. What's more interesting is the strong relationship that Classic Fire shared with E-One prior to this. The industry continues to change daily...

March 2, 2011 Update:
Before the first of the 27 Ferrara rear mount aerials could be delivered to FDNY (the first lettered for L137), the department announced today that they've awarded a contract for fifteen 95' Aerialscopes to Seagrave.

February 28th, 2011
It was good to see everyone at the VFCA mid-winter conference. Some of the tid-bits off the floor:
- Abingdon VFD (Gloucester County) has purchased the really nice Pierce Squrt from the Onancock VFD (Accomack County). AVFD is currently having it re-painted red, a change from OVFD's white paint scheme.
- The Culpeper VFD is in the early stages of looking at a new aerial device, which will replace their Mack CF/Aerialscope which formerly served FDNY.
- The City of Franklin is currently soliciting bids for a new pumper to replace their 1981 American LaFrance. Bids are due back later this week.

February 24th, 2011
Greetings from the Virginia Fire Chief's Association's annual mid-winter conference in Virginia Beach. Staff members got a preview of the exhibits today, and those visiting should be pleased with the variety of rigs on display from Sutphen, Rescue 1, CustomFire, Pierce, KME, PL Custom, Rosenbauer, Braun, Wheeled Coach, Horton, Crimson, FastLane, and other manufacturers.
- Sutphen announced today that they'll be releasing a new Wildland Urban Interface rig, which will be built with a short wheelbase, high ground clearance, and other features that are popular on these west-coast rigs.
- Sutphen has also recently introduced the Guardian series, which is an entry level rig below the Shield series. This cab features a 330HP Cummins motor and a limited amount of options for those departments that might have a limited budget but would still like a custom cab engine.
- In other Sutphen news, Wytheville & Wythe County will be taking delivery of a Sutphen 90' mid-mount tower ladder in early April. This will be shared by the town and city, but operated and housed by the Wytheville VFD.

February 22nd, 2011
- A reminder that THIS WEEKEND, February 25 & 26, 2011 will be the annual Virginia Fire Chief's Conference Mid-Winter Conference and Expo at the Pavilion in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA. I'll be there kicking tires, hope that you will too. At least 20 rigs from various manufacturers will be on display.
- Chesterfield County has awarded the bid for the new Dive-Rescue Truck to AES (Pierce).

February 15, 2011 Update
- Chesterfield's purchasing office has posted the tabulations of the three bids received for their new Dive-Rescue truck.

January 31, 2011 Update
- Check out our Maryland album for photos of the not-yet-delivered bomb trucks for Prince George's and Montgomery Counties. Special thanks to CW Williams rep Dave Marshall for his assistance with these images.
- Chesterfield County has an invitation for bid (IFB) for a dive-rescue truck built on a 2-door commercial cab. This will likely replace the old bread truck that Scuba Rescue 14 has been using for years.
- is reporting that "Sonny" Kovatch, the founder of KME fire apparatus, has passed away at his home near Nesquehonig, PA. He was 87 years old, and founded the fire apparatus side of Kovatch in the mid-1980s.

January 27, 2011 Update
- The Wakefield VFD has acquired a pickup truck that will be used for a new brush truck. This will be be built in-house, so we'll keep an eye on how this progresses.
- Thanks to Hampton Fire Captain (ret) Brian Rueger for his photos from the groundbreaking for Hampton Station 11 which will be located at 1304 Big Bethel Drive. The photos can be seen here.

January 16, 2011 Update
- Construction has been completed on the new heavy duty rescue-pumper for Hollins (Company 5) in Roanoke County. Delivery of this rig is imminent.
- The much-anticipated massive Quantum-cabbed foam unit for Fairfax County is expected to be delivered to the Manassas shops next week.

January 13, 2011 Update
- Congratulations to the Forest VFD, Bedford Company 5, who will soon be taking of delivery of a 2011 Pierce Impel pumper.

January 10, 2011 Update
- Chesterfield County is advertising for a bay expansion for Fire Station 12 in Ettrick. This will be to house the new Truck 12, which will be a 105' Pierce Arrow XT rear-mount aerial. The bay expansion will keep CFEMS from having to order another 103'6" aerial like the current T-12.
- Clover Hill has posted a couple of more photos of their new tanker on their Facebook page. Very nice looking rig.
- According to documents sent to VFN staff, Smeal Fire Apparatus is NOT involved with Smeal Manufacturing Company's recent bankruptcy hearings. Each of the companies are completely independent of one another, and the bankruptcy is due to factors from litigation. SFA will continue to take orders for new apparatus.
- KME has recently introduced a new 79' ladder, which incorporates several new features for the Kovatch folks.
- Preview pics of the massive new foam tanker for Fairfax Station 426 have been loaded on the AES Facebook page.

Several new rigs have been ordered through Atlantic Emergency Solutions (Pierce) recently, including a 2500 gallon tanker on a Peterbilt chassis for King George, a 2-door International pumper for Rocky Mount VFD, and a Velocity pumper for the Fairlawn volunteers in Pulaski County.
- AES has also recently delivered a Velocity demo pumper to the Buchanan VFD in Botertourt County, and the really nice looking dark green International/Pierce 3000 gallon tanker to the Clover Hill volunteers in Rockingham County. Finally, a new Arrow XT heavy rescue for Norfolk is also being readied for delivery.
- MedTec ambulances, who are owned by Oshkosh Corp, will be moving from their current facilities to share space with Pierce Manufacturing at their Bradenton, FL facility, according to a document obtained today.
- The bid opening for the new engines in Hanover County has been delayed until February 18th. We'll keep you updated on this.

November 17, 2010
- The Clover Hill VFD of Rockingham County (not to be confused with the department by the same name in Chesterfield) has recently taken delivery of a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT PUC. The department also has a Pierce tanker on order. Staff will shoot these rigs as soon as they're delivered.
- On a personal note, congratulations to contributor's Mike Sander's home department (Ashburn VFRD) for being named the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce's Non-Profit of the Year for 2011!
- The staff has been busy over the past few weeks. In the coming days, look for album updates from several stations in Mecklenburg County, Prince Edward County, Buckingham County, and some "behind the fence" shots also.
- Speaking of Mecklenburg County, thanks to Jerry Puryear for passing along some apparatus on order info for Chase City, who's getting a Deep South rescue truck, and Buckhorn who will be receiving a new M&W brush truck. Looks like a January photo trip will be in order!

November 16, 2010:
In a move that has been anticipated by many vendors, Hanover Fire-EMS have released their specifications for pumpers, which will be for one engine initially, with an option to purchase two per year for each year following. We'll keep our eyes on this, as Hanover has been purcasing a lot of new apparatus over the past several years.

November 11, 2010:
As was expected, the City of Suffolk has awarded a multi-year contract to Pierce Manufacturing for pumpers, aerials, and rescues. All rigs are based on Velocity chassis, and the asking price for the pumpers are $477,384, rear-mount tower ladder at $999,998, and heavy rescue at $617,983. See details of the pricing breakdown.

November 6, 2010:
- I'm greatly appreciative of my friend Jeff Hawkins for allowing the use of his professional images of Spotsylvania County's three new Rosenbauers, including Wagon 1, Engine 4, and the beast assigned to Rescue Squad 4. All three rigs were sold by Dave Marshall of CW Williams Fire. Please take a minute to see Jeff's professional photography on his own page at
- The Toga VFD in Buckingham County has taken delivery of their first new pumper in over 30 years. Designated Engine 32, this is a 2010 International/Rosenbauer Centurion. Rig was sold by Phil Bryan of CW Williams Fire.
- With the delivery of a 1989 Pierce Arrow tower ladder to the Blackstone VFD in Nottoway County, the Sperryville VFD of Rappahannock County has purchased the 75' Mack/Aerialscope that Blackstone ran for many years. Sperryville is still waiting to take delivery of the Mack, and this will be the first aerial in Rappahannock County.
- Atlantic Emergency Solutions reports Albemarle County has placed an order for another Mack Granite/Pierce tanker. I suspect this will be assigned to Company 2, East Rivanna, to replace the Freightliner/S&S that was totaled in an accident last year.
- Chesterfield County has "found" some money during this fiscal year. The Board of Supervisors has not yet appropriated this money (employees bonuses would take a large deal of it), but one county official has suggested part of the money be set aside for urgent capital purchases, such as "library books and fire trucks."
- Generosity in the Virginia fire service continues: the Boiling Springs VFD of Allegheny County has donated a pumper to the Paint Bank VFD of Craig County. It's always great to see these departments in some of the more depressed areas of the Commonwealth assist one another.

November 3, 2010
Thanks to Mike Sanders, we've been able to catch up on some recently delivered rigs in Loudoun County. All of these rigs were built by Pierce on both custom and commercial chassis. They include a really attractive pumper for Hamilton, a tanker for Hamilton, and a new heavy rescue for the Hamilton VRS.

November 1, 2010
- Staff members had a great day in Augusta County yesterday. The trip included some of the first photos of the new 2010 Spartan/Rosenbauer (Central) for Augusta County Fire Rescue, Station 10. This replaces a 1989 Seagrave JB that will move to the new Riverheads VFD (Station 25) when it opens after the first of the year. Updated photos of ACFR's ALF heavy rescue were also included.
- Weyer's Cave took the pickup bed off their brush truck and had M&W replace it with a utility-style bed. The brush truck is now pulling double-duty as both a brush truck and an ALS first response vehicle, so the extra compartment space was a necessity.
- M&W, who's made a number of Virginia deliveries lately, built a new brush truck/mini-pumper for Churchville.

October 17, 2010:
- The Falls Church VFD (Arlington County Station 6) has placed a contract with M&W Fire apparatus of Vinton, VA for a medium-duty rescue. It will be constructed on an extended-cab 2011 International 7400 chassis with a 16' non-walk-in body. Delivery expected Summer 2011.
- The new Rescue Squad 617 for the Hamilton VRS in Loudoun County has been delivered, although it will not enter service for the time being. This is a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT with a non-walk-in rescue body on it. It carries the usual HVRS green-and-white livery.

October 15, 2010:
- The McGaheysville (pronounced McGackeysville) VFD in Rockingham County has placed an attractive 2010 Pierce Velocity PUC in service. It will be replacing a Seagrave pumper and Chevrolet/Oren tanker that have served MVFC for many years.

October 14, 2010:
- Henrico County took delivery of two 2011 Ford F550/M&W brush trucks for Stations 3 & 15 yesterday. These feature an aluminum flatbed, 150 gallons of water and a 250 gpm pump.
- The Prospect VFD in Prince Edward County, who has placed an M&W brush truck and M&W tanker in service over the past few years, has once again sought the Virginia-based company to build a rescue-pumper for them.

October 4, 2010:
- The VFP staff is visiting some far southwest Virginia stations at the end of September and beginning of October. Look for some photo updates later this week.
- In related news, on September 14th, I mentioned the ex-Syosset, NY Spartan/Saulsbury pumper that was now operated by the Jasper VFD. This rig was sold to the Valley VFD of Big Stone Gap, VA within the past few months. I hope to have an updated photo soon.

October 1, 2010:
Congratulations to the Amissville VFD of Rappahannock County, who've recently signed a contract with Slagle's Fire Equipment of South Boston for the purchase of a 2010 KME Predator Panther rescue/pumper. This big rig will feature a Cummins ISL 425HP motor, Pneumax 200CFM CAFS system, 20kW hydraulic generator, and a 1250/750/40A/30B configuration.

September 30, 2010:
Our thoughts are with the members of the Emporia VFD, who had two members slightly injured when their 2003 Freightliner/Pierce tanker overturned on a rain-slicked roadway while enroute to a fire. Numerous sources indicate that speed was not a factor in the crash, and that the rear tires simply lost traction on the roadway. The incident was captured on dash-cam by a law enforcement officer following the rig on the way to the same incident. brings you the published story.

September 17, 2010:
Today, KME revealed it's new brand-wide logo and marketing strategy, bringing all other different markets (fire, aviation, law enforcement) under one umbrella.

September 16, 2010:
The Virginia fire service sure is giving a lot of information for us to report in the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, the Elliston VFD in Montgomery County took delivery of the size-XL heavy rescue they recently purchased. Built in 2004 by KME for the Rainbow Hose Co 1 in Skuyklhill Haven, PA, EVFD had a small refurb completed by M&W Fire of Vinton.

September 15, 2010
Crimson Fire, for those not familiar, came into existence several years ago when Spartan Motors purchased both Quality Manufacturing of Alabama and Luverne Fire

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